DHL ProView is our web-based tracking service for DHL Express account holders that provides automatic notifications to you and anyone you specify – via email or text message – when shipments are picked up and delivered. DHL ProView also lets you monitor shipments online by account number, status and more. This means you're always in the know, whether you're in the office or on the go. And best of all, it provides the shipment information you need to keep your customers and colleagues up to date and in the loop – for free!


Faster access to shipment information and higher transparency

  • Monitor your shipments at selected checkpoints using your account number--in real-time!

  • Sort and filter shipments by account, waybill number, status (picked up, delivered, etc.), shipment date and much more

  • Use with all DHL Express account numbers and associated shipments

  • View status of DHL Import Express shipments

  • View or download shipment and status information for up to 2,000 account numbers


Notification the way you want it

  • Receive real-time notification via email or SMS text messaging

  • Choose when, how and which notifications are sent and who receives them

  • Create notifications by waybill, account, contact and events

  • Store unlimited notification contacts

  • Receive detailed per-shipment information or helpful summary digests



  • Registering is simple

  • Import account numbers from comma-delimited (.csv) files

  • Quickly add/remove accounts and change notification preference