Regulatory authorities across the globe are rapidly moving toward a fully digital data-driven environment. This means that providing accurate electronic information has become the key to ensuring compliance for a faster, more efficient Customs clearance experience.

As an important part of this process, authorities closely review your Commercial/Proforma Invoice. So, by sharing a precise description of your goods with DHL electronically, clearance of your shipment can begin immediately – which means it can be delivered even more quickly.

Detailed and accurate electronic data means quicker delivery. Be sure to provide precise item descriptions.

The Goods Description on the Commercial Invoice is essential for DHL to prepare the Customs Declaration. It’s also critical to ensure that items are accurately described on the Waybill in order to streamline the security/safety screening performed by Customs Authorities. For example:

Accelerate process by sending accurate data to DHL

Ensure a smooth Customs Clearance experience

Avoid delays caused by missing or wrong information

MyDHL+ makes it easy

When you ship online with MyDHL+ and provide electronic Commercial/Proforma Invoice data, we’ll help you:

  • Describe the items in your shipment completely and accurately

  • Submit your shipment details and invoice data electronically

  • Ensure that your Customs declaration is submitted to authorities before your shipment lands (where allowed)

Find these customs tips useful? Adhering to these rules will help us in clearing your shipment from customs