As the leading international logistics company, DHL continually strives for a better, more interconnected world. Protecting our planet for future generations is an integral part of this vision, which is why we’re committed to achieving net-zero emissions by 2050.

Recognizing our crucial role in global trade, we believe it is our responsibility to drive sustainable business practices. Over more than a decade, we have invested in a Group-wide environmental protection program called GoGreen, introducing a comprehensive range of solutions that slash carbon emissions while optimizing supply chains.

Many of our customers are already benefiting from GoGreen solutions, from detailed carbon reports to electric vehicles used for last-mile deliveries. DHL Express Hong Kong also employs digital solutions to help customers save time and money while eliminating the use of paper and printing consumables. The electronic billing system, MyBill, delivers ease, efficiency, and financial transparency, while DHL Paperless Trade allows customers to transmit invoices and customs documents digitally to streamline processing and clearance of shipments.

DHL is proud to set the benchmark for sustainable logistics worldwide. Together, we can transform global trade and realize a greener future for the generations to come.

Here’s a look at what we’ve accomplished so far…

Are you ready to join the green logistics revolution? Reducing wastage along your supply chain will save your business money, maximize operational efficiencies, and keep your end customers happy. Discover what steps you can take – and the GoGreen solutions which can help – by speaking to one of our DHL specialists today.