DHL Express Macau Launches Customs Declaration Service

DHL Express Macau

Launches Customs Declaration Service


Due to the enforcement of the relevant requirements on import and/or export declarations pursuant to Article 10 of the Foreign Trade Law (Law No. 7/2003 of the Macao Special Administrative Region), it’s mandatory for all inbound / outbound shipments value over MOP5000 to have Customs Declaration readily available prior to shipment’s arrival/departure to Macau, failure to do so can result in shipment confiscation by relevant authority with further charges to DHL and/or consignee.

  • DHL Express Macau can provide customs declaration service at a fee of HKD300 – for account customers, payment would be charged into the account number provided by the customer in the undertaking letter to be provided to DHL Express Macau, and for cash customers, payment would be collected from customer during pick-up.


  • If customer opted to provide his/her own customs declaration form it must be accurately submitted 1 working day before 12:00 prior to the shipment entering Macau.


  • If customer opted to have customs declaration service done by DHL Express Macau, shipment’s Invoice/Packing list with accurate description, quantity, and value must be submitted 1 working day before 14:00 prior to the shipment entering Macau.


  • Also, undertaking letter must be completed and submitted prior to the provision of declaration service.


The Customs Declaration Service activation date is set to launch on 15 September 2020, please ensure all requirements mentioned are completed for shipments over MOP5000 in/out Macau to avoid serious customs/service complications.


Please request undertaking Letter via contacting and feel free to contact DHL Express Macau at 853-28372828 for any further enquiries.


For detailed information on the regulations, please refer to the government website.